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Excellent service since the beginning of my military career. Personalized service and financial advice that takes into consideration the various factors of a military career.

Patrick Gélineau-Roy, Military and member of the Caisse

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May: Career Transition and Finance: Adjusting Tax deduction at Source

All Canadian residents pay income taxes. Generally, those taxes are paid through deductions at source. Employers and pension plan administrators are responsible for withholding the amounts set by the revenue agencies.

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April : Career Transition: Prepare Yourself Financially

Your financial security is important to your well-being. A stable situation, with sufficient resources, is a goal to achieve or maintain for peace of mind.

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February: Career transition: An Important Toolkit

As I mentioned in my last column, you have to achieve several essential milestones to perform a successful career transition. In the face of the inevitable, everyone must catch up as much as possible on how to go through these stages.

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January: Military Career: Successfully Navigating a Career Transition

Over the last 30 years, I have helped employees of the Department of National Defence transition from one career to another, whether this change was voluntary, mandatory, or due to medical reasons.

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