A financial institution adapted to military needs

We understand your reality, no matter where you are in your career in the Forces. You will find here all the services we can offer you.

Excellent service since the beginning of my military career. Personalized service and financial advice that takes into consideration the various factors of a military career.

Patrick Gélineau-Roy, Military and member of the Caisse

A financial institution managed solely by and for people in the military community.

11 directors from the military community sit on our board of directors.

A financial program designed for members of the military community

In June 2015, the Desjardins Movement created a financial program for military personnel and sought the expertise of the Military Credit Union to target the needs and reality of the military community. We are also experts in military programs such as the military insurance program and the Brookfield Global Relocation mobility program.

A partnership with squadrons and garrisons based on their local reality

Qualified personnel with expertise in military programs are available to meet with you anywhere in Quebec.

Financing available throughout Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia

We are the only Desjardins Caisse offering mortgage financing in four Canadian provinces. In case of a transfer, your mortgage is transferable without fees and we offer an exemption from mortgage penalties in such circumstances.

Personalized financial support worldwide

Our staff, equipped with expertise in the military community, offers personalized financial guidance and advice tailored to your unique situation. We are available to meet you wherever you serve, whether it be in Rimouski, Mali, Indonesia, or elsewhere.

A strong commitment in the military community

In two years, we have redistributed $1 million in rebates within the military community. More than $55,000 were given in donations and sponsorships in 2019. The Caisse des militaires also donated $15,000 through its Community Development Fund to support structural projects in 2019.

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