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The Caisse des militaires enriches the lives of individuals and communities through its human and financial contributions. It is dedicated to its field of activity by supporting projects that align with the needs and expectations of its members and partners. Desjardins plays a crucial socio-economic leadership role in communities and works in conjunction with numerous partners. The Caisse des militaires supports various local, regional, and provincial initiatives through (1) donations and sponsorships, or (2) contributions from the Community Development Assistance Fund. (1) A sponsorship is offered by the Caisse des militaires to establish a business partnership, activity, event, or project in exchange for a benefit to the Caisse des militaires in general or one of its routine activities. The aim of the sponsorship is to enhance visibility and business reciprocity to reach a specific clientele. As it presents a business opportunity, each sponsorship includes a: - Plan for enhancement that sets initial goals - Budget - Method for evaluating the expected benefits (2) The Community Development Assistance Fund, also referred to as the community rebate, is facilitated by the annual surpluses of the Caisse des militaires. Members decide on the amount to allocate to the Community Development Assistance Fund at the annual general meeting. Through this mechanism, all members contribute to the development of their sector of activity and support projects that are important to them. Its purpose is to back structuring projects that: - Unite different stakeholders around a shared objective, leading to long-term positive impacts within the National Defense community; - Provide significant added value to individuals and their surroundings and, ultimately, have a positive effect. To gain more insight and understand the financing conditions, please consult the investment policy of the Caisse des militaires.

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Any incomplete request will be returned to the requester for revision. It must be resubmitted and will only be processed once all required documents have been received. Additionally, upon request, Caisse Desjardins des militaires is able to provide personalized support.

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